JULY 25,2020

We all have friends and family we love and have close bonds with. Sometimes those bonds are so unique and strong that they can still be felt even after one is called home to be with the lord. Have you ever felt like their spirit or presence is around you? Have you ever seen signs or something happens that seems coincidental?

I have had a special connection to the spirit since I was a child. I can sense and feel energies and I know things about people without knowing how. This ability is a blessing for the most part, but there are times where it can truly break my heart. Growing up I always felt like I was being protected and watched over by Spirit Angles. This is not something I have ever really told to many people because if you have never had any experiences with spirits then there is a silent look you get from people that say okay you’re a freak.

Honestly, I have a great relationship with my own Spirit and those that watch over me. I have several GUARDIAN ANGLES that spend a lot of time sending me signs and synchronicities daily. I see them, and for the most part, I automatically know what message is being sent to me. I really try to listen to and follow the words, but the times I don’t listen to the signs, I regret it.

My Aunt Pat was my best friend, indeed a wonderful and no-nonsense woman. Pat was my grandmother’s baby sister and my great aunt. In her words and heart, I was the child she never had. Pat lived in Las Vegas, and I live in New York, but we spoke on the phone daily and watched ratchet reality TV. Pat was funny, loving, and strict, which was a problem for some because she was not taking crap from anyone. I was really the only person she listened to, and I could tell her everything.

GUARDIAN ANGLES are real. I have my aunts ashes in a beautiful urn, and I speak to her every day, and even though I miss her physically, I know she is still with me. I really do get signs and information thru other people, and the weirdest sources that I know only come from her. As I type this, I feel her presence, and she’s actually laughing at me right now.πŸ˜‚πŸ™„

This is an experience that is definitely unique to those who have gone through it or something similar. I have been going through significant life changes recently, and I know without a doubt that without GOD and AUNT PAT, I would be a hot mess right now. I’m working towards a more rewarding future where I can provide love and support to those who long for a GUARDIAN ANGLE on EARTH, after all, we are here to LOVE AND SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER.

I’m so blessed and grateful for the spiritual growth and knowledge I have gained through this process of learning who I am as a woman and what I want and need in my life to succeed and be happy. SELF LOVE is a every day working relationship I keep pushing myself to the limits because I am worth it.



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