Who are you today ? Are you any different today in any way than yesterday?  I’m not the same. 

I  feel differently about my LIFE today and I’m at a CROSSROADS.. ( LOL ) I use to look at people SIDEWAYS 👀 when they would say this very thing . I guess I   never been in a situation where I really felt like I understood what that means until now.

Time is definitely speeding up and a day feels like 8 hrs instead of 24 hours. My day starts and ends sometimes in a blink of the eye.

   Is the LIFE that we have been  BLESSED with BEING taken for GRANTED? How much time do I actually have to make a decision about the future?


NOW I really get it!!  DAMN which way do I GO ? That is the QUESTION I go to my CALM PLACE for . There should ALWAYS  be a place to find your CALM. Make your PEACE A PRIORITY!!!


Many blessings #Godiseverything 🙏🏽🥰🌈

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